Congratulations to the 8 teams who will compete as finalists at the JVEC Summit this June! In this inaugural year of the competition, the finalist teams fall in two categories – Community and Connectivity.

Below are the teams that have been selected to present their business ideas at the upcoming Jio Vichaar Entrepreneurship Challenge Summit scheduled for this June 7th.

Note: The business plans submitted by all student teams this year displayed incredible potential. All student teams are invited to hone their business plans by applying to the advanced Jio Vichaar Innovation Bootcamp scheduled for this June 4-5th. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and will provide you with more definitive details by mid-end of April.

Congratulations to every team that participated this year!



  • Krida is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sports equipment and facilities to underprivileged schools in Hyderabad, including a cricket programme for schools with student athletes from low income families.
  • The team consists of Hesham Babukhan, Alex Fleming, Dhriti Kadakia, Jyothika Mantena, and Saahil Vohra.


  • Kathari.Co created HGC, which is a hovering garbage collector. The HGC utilizes the principles of a hovercraft and a bio coagulant sprinkler/water filtering based machine which would make it easier to maintain rivers, lakes and other water bodies.”
  • Kathari.Co is founded by Vinayak Gunaseelan and Taran MR. 


  • Sens-O aims to reduce energy overuse by providing installation of Arduino based PIR motion sensors in homes, schools, and other buildings.They connect to lights and fans in a building.
  • The Sens-O team consists of Kruiti Rai and Pawani Chauhan.


  • SKILCOIL came up with a product and service called “Alice” which is a virtual assistant that helps with people’s daily needs.They have integrated Alice with smart camera and smart glasses which is accompanied with a companion app, which is intended to help people diagnosed with Alzheimers.
  • SKILCOIL is created by Tilak Raj T, Hanah Andrew, Meenakshi V, Vishal SK, and Juisha Jones.


Instant Kitchen

  • Instant Kitchen is a business that provides cooking spaces for food service businesses to rent. They provide restaurants that do not have a facility with a fully equipped kitchen where they can cook their food, then deliver to their customers.
  • This business is formed by Shardul Gupta and Vanraj Prasad.


  • Internite plans to build an app that helps high school and college students connect to internships faster and more efficiently.
  • The Internite team consists of Jai Aakash Gopalakrishnan,Tanmay Patil, Pratham Shah, and Akshit Sarrof.


  • Picado plans to create an app that will connect people with psychiatrists and help them work through data from the user’s phone.
  • Picado team is Sanchit Bhansali, Rishika Jain, Pragya Deora, Garv Rawlot, and Himanshu Sethia.

Spellbound Studios

  • Spellbound Studios is an internet platform that combines education and games. It is a game that requires children to use their problem-solving skills to spell a word in each level of the game in order to move on to the next level. 
  • The team members are Sama Abhinav Reddy, Raunak Kaul, Solipuram Ronith Reddy, and Charvak Thatha.