What is your idea for India? As the name suggests, Jio Vichaar challenges you to live out your thought and bring your idea to life. Teams of 2-5 students in 9th-12th grade will be provided a unique opportunity to develop ventures focused on four different impact categories: Culture, Community, Connectivity, and Open Category.

These categories are intentionally broad to allow students a wide range of opportunities to innovate new ideas. The descriptions below are a guide for determining the best fit for your team’s concept. Each team may only submit in one category.


Indian culture is rich and diverse. This category includes all fields in arts, culture, entertainment, and even gaming. Some more examples include: dance, music, drama, Indian folklore, fashion, language, film, and graphic design to name a few.


If your idea will impact your community’s environment, health or education, this category is just for you. Any idea around sustainability, sanitation, climate change, energy and environmental conservation, or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/ CLEAN India’s mission would be appropriate in this category. Additionally, any idea encompassing innovations in youth unemployment, health, education, or empowering girls and women would fall into this category.


In an increasingly connected world, what idea do you have to connect people to people, or people to services? What scientific, or technological innovation do you have to improve the status quo? This category may include innovations in STEM –robotics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality – for instance. Other connectivity ideas could be around service delivery and transportation. This category may additionally contain innovations in fintech, insurance, accounting, banking and cryptocurrencies.

Open Category

Teams should strive to develop ideas one of the three categories listed above. If your idea transcends the categories described above – Culture, Community and Connectivity, then you may select the Open Category.

Be advised that if you select this option, it could be more difficult to reach the finals. We reserve the right to shift submissions into the other categories if we find alignment between your idea and the categories above.